Friday, March 12, 2010
Evri Buys Radar Networks

And I am not the least bit surprised. After all, we all saw this coming... didn't we.   

About a year ago I came across Evri. After I played around with it a bit and did some inspection, I realized it was simply not interesting. It doesn't do anything special that hasn't already been covered by another 10,000 more complete and useful services out there.

With everything that went down with Twine in the past year, it was predicted by a lot of people that I spoke with, that had pretty much always been for sale, if you catch my drift. The only thing is, I guess a part of me was always hoping that some big cool company would come along and acquire Twine, and perhaps that way Twine would finally be made into what it was originally supposed to be [or at least what the pitch was!].

Well, the Radar Networks finally got bought today. finally got ownEvriTwineed today, and as a result we now have a combination of 2 completely lame projects. On one hand I find this very disappointing. On the other hand, I find it very laughable. =P  What I find even more amusing, is the little "Evri + Twine" logo that they've stuck on the top of the Twine pages. It looks to me like it's saying "here's how you know we have successfully made a bloody mess of things".

I can not believe where Twine started, and where it is now, truly and finally, ending.... 

More info here and  here.

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