Wednesday, March 10, 2010
My Peculiar Animal Magnetism

A few months ago, a neighbour's cat walked right into my bedroom when I opened the flat door to come in. After inspecting my bedroom for a bit, he found himself a comfy place on a mini table under my window, and that was that. The cat didn't seem to want to go out! =) I tried picking him up and putting him on the floor and leading him to the door, but he just turned around and went right back to where he was. Then I sat down and started doing some work on my notebook, and the cat would just circle around my chair and rub his fur to my feet. =)) Any attempts of getting him to get out was completely unsuccessful. Until finally after about an hour of playing around in my bedroom, he finally "accepted" to go back home.  

If you know anything about raccoons, you probably know that they never let you get close to them. They raid people's backyards and if one of them finds its way to your kitchen, you should probably say goodbye to any food you had in there. =) And they seem to detect human presence from kilometres away, 'cause the only thing you get to see of them is their cute behinds jumping up and down running away from you with the speed of light. =) And then, once when I was sitting under the rain, in my aunt's backyard, I noticed one of these cute creatures slowly walking towards me... I was expecting it to just turn around and go away at some point, but that didn't happen. It walked right to the spot where I was sitting, and then it climbed up my jeans all the way to my knee, so that it's eyes were looking directly into mine. It was extremely odd! I even petted the raccoon's back a bit. So it was just sitting there on my knee for some minutes.. I don't even know how long. And then it decided to leave..... it was a very cute encounter. =)

Yesterday, I noticed that a couple of pigeons were in the balcony again... up to someDSC02056.jpg_802[1] mischief. I love them really, but they make a bloody mess in the balcony that seeing how I'm on the 23rd floor, is slightly difficult to get cleaned. ;) Anyway, I knocked a few times on the glass door to the balcony... quite certain that they would be scared and leave. Well, that didn't happen! So I stepped in the balcony, excepting them to fly away any second now. That didn't happen either. At some point, I found myself face to face with the pigeons... close enough that I could see all the shiny pretty colours in their eyes. And I was laughing my head off too, seeing how they were just.. standing there watching me! =D So at the end I gave up... and walked back in.... it's as if they knew the threat was simply non-exiting! =P I swear, one of them was totally giving me the "yeah, right" look! =)))))

And these are just a few..... so... what is it with animals and me anyway? Any theories? =)))

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