Saturday, April 10, 2010
Current Listening :: Aleksi Eeben - Little Man Entered a Big Village

My latest musical discovery has been more of a re-discovery.

4AM in the morning of April 1st, for a rather long list of reasons I was still awake and  trust me, this time around I was in fact quite tired. So I thought I'd relax to some nice music for a bit before the day officially started. I was about to serve mys2479118199-1[1]elf up some Mike Oldfield [I had "Amarok" in mind!] when incidentally I noticed the news of a new release on the Kahvi Collective page. The EP called "Little Man Entered a Big Village", is the latest by the Finnish electronic musician Aleksi Eeben. This was interesting news, seeing how I hadn't listened to anything from this artist in a reeeeeally long while! A very long time ago I had come across a number of truly great tracks by the same artist under the alias "Heatbeat", but since then somehow [unlike me, I know! =P] I had in fact lost track.

So, well, I downloaded the EP and began listening. It started with my head resting on the pile of papers on my desk. Then came the feeling of blood rushing into my brain.. then I found myself sitting straight and totally conscious...  Then, of course, came the track "Linen & Linseed", and I have to admit I'm glad none of you could actually see me at that point. Messy hair, googly eyes, mildly head banging to the track, in my PJs, 4AM in the morning. =D  Needless to say I luuuuuuuvvvvvv the EP and even more so this track.

Of course then I went ahead and downloaded the artist's entire set of available albums off of Bandcamp in FLAC [YAAAAAAAY yes it's all available in FLAC]. And if you want to get your hands on what I've been loooooping in the past week, you can do the same HERE. Oh, and I really do mean looping. To say that I've gone completely nutz over "Linen & Linseed" would be an understatement. Check out my profile if you don't believe me. =D So, well, I really do suggest you check this out. =)

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