Thursday, April 08, 2010
Music @ Breakpoint 2010

Is it just me, or was the general quality of the music released at Breakpoint this year way above average? The streaming music compo included a great deal of awesome tracks, and many of the demos released in all categories featured superb soundtracks. So for someone with a serious case of [good] music addiction such as yours truly, this was a good chance to fuel up. =)

Here I'm just going to mention a few of my  favourites, but really, I think you should just check out everything that was released. ;)

When the streaming music compo finished, my first thought was - "so much great music, how can anyone win this?". Well, apparently someone did, and well deserved too: Check out Disrupt, fantastic DnB track by Puryx, the Danish demoscene/electronic musician.  This guy produces a lot of great music, some of which is currently available on his page

Petarda by Chaser/Elude, and Sooner or Later by Little Birchard are also tracks that you should definitely check out. The entire collection of music released at Breakpoint 2010 can be downloaded from here.

As mentioned in my previous post, Vokawardoai  by satori has a pretty awesome soundtrack... yeah I think I've gone on enough about that already. ;) Then of course there's Agenda Circling Forth by Fairlight & CNCD. Beautiful soundtrack, to go with the marvellous visuals. 

In the 4K intro category, Retrospection by FRequency & Trolls In The Shadows is certainly one of the prettiest 4Kz that I've ever seen, with a really cool and upbeat soundtrack. I liked the soundtrack so much that I requested for a separate music file, and the guys in charge were kind enough to provide it. The soundtrack can be downloaded here, and below is the video. 

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