Monday, April 19, 2010
My Perfect Drawing Tool :: Stylo Sharpie!!!

A while ago I mentioned something about looking for the perfect pen to draw with. Something that would work for my crazy doodles. Today a good friend asked me if I had managed to find what I was looking for. Well, actually I did! =) I tried a rather large range of similar pens to find what I would be comfortable with, and interesting enough, it turns out the perfect drawing pen is in fact a Stylo Sharpie Pen! =D

I'm a pretty big fan of the whole family of Sharpie markers. But I didn't even know that Sharpie had these Stylo pens. Apparently they're new. =) They have very fine tips, smooth waterproof ink, and of course they come in this very pretty sky blue which is just perfect! =D

I also tried out a similar sort of pen produced by Pentel. That was also quite cool, but somehow the Sharpie managed to win me. I think it's the colour! ;)

Here's a photo of my new friend:


And here's more info.

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