Sunday, June 20, 2010
World Cup 2010, So Far!

Here it is again, not being able to get any work done [at least in any decent manner!], south-africa-2010-world-cup-logo[1] due to "The Beautiful Game" being OOON. Gosh I luv the World Cup. =D It seems like everyone loses a big piece of their logic and sanity, and give themselves away to the frenzy that takes over the entire globe for an unfortunately not very long period of time. Everyone's talking about the same thing... everyone's screaming... everyone's cheering... everyone's looking for ways to get out of work/class to watch the games. =D So here's my confession, that even when I'm working / studying, I have the games running on my notebook / iPAQ screen, and at least half of my mind is there. And I'm not ashamed to say that I feel that so far, it's been worth it. =P I mean look at this... the year of miracles so far! I'm totally loving it! =D And here's my favourite games so far. [Oh ummm... yes, please keep in mind that this is the football opinions of a fencer, so don't ever make the terrible mistake of taking them seriously. ;D]

- The Switzerland - Spain match. God I loved that! =D Switzerland simply managed to create a miracle. They came to the field with a certain game plan, and they did a perfect job executing it. Spain made the mistake of not taking Switzerland seriously, and they paid for it. And hey, it looks to me like Switzerland quite possibly has the best goal keeper in the world at the moment. ;)

- The Germany - Australia match. Wow, this was a beautiful game, specially on the German side. I've always liked the German team, but this is the first time I REALLY REALLY liked them! Everyone says Germany plays too calculated and too boring. Well, in this game Germany was anything but boring. They were a ball of fire, and even though Australia also played very well, but they simply couldn't do anything against the kind of game Germans were playing! [Makes it even a bigger shame that Germany messed up their 2nd game... =/]

- The France - Mexico game. Go Mexico! Surprise surprise! They managed to beat France 2-0! =D Loved Mexico's performance and hope to see them keeping it up!

I also have to mention that I was extremely disappointed at Italy's performance in the game against Paraguay. They simply didn't play. =P I hope they're going to do a MUCH better job tomorrow. Another disappointment was of course Germany's 2nd game against Serbia. I don't know how or why this happened, but they seemed like they were extremely nervous the entire time and losing 1 player really left a hole in their wall. Ah well, I hope they can fixe whatever's wrong for the next game. =P

On another note, is it just me thinking this or is something severely wrong with at least half of the referees of this world cup?? I mean, red card for the South African goal keeper? Or the USA goal that was dismissed for no reason? Or another unjustified red card to the German player? There seem to be too many questionable decisions being made at this world cup. Anybody has any ideas why??

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