Thursday, June 03, 2010
Robin Hood

Today a friend said to me "you should really see the Robin Hood movie, it's right up yourrobin_hood_2010_poster[1] alley!". And I said, "oh it totally is, and I've already seen it!". And he said "but... but... but... but... but there's nothing about it on your bloooooooooggggg!!!!". Well, you can imagine the utter SHAME I felt at that moment! =P Oh my GOD, how did I manage to not write anything about my all time favourite version of Robin Hood?? So let me fix that now...

Yes, a couple of weeks a go we went to see Robin Hood. And I'm glad that despite a few discouraging comments that I heard / read about the movie here and there, I did go to see it. I have to say I don't understand what's not to like! In fact I enjoyed watching the movie IMMENSELY! =) The small but important modifications made to the plot felt like they were exactly what Robin Hood always needed to turn into a most interesting story. Since I know many of you haven't seen it yet, I'm not going to say much more... but I just have to say that everything about this movie was very impressive. The cast were the best possible, and the the whole mood and feel of the movie really worked for me. So don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.... and go see the movie for yourself. =)

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