Sunday, April 25, 2010
The Nordic Fellows Comics

Last week, a Swedish friend of mine who is well aware of exactly how culture-curious I am, did me the huge favour of directing me to the deviantART gallery of a brilliant Danish comic artist. This artist has created a fictional character for each Scandinavian country, through which she depicts the popular stereotypical characteristics of the people and the culture of each of these countries. It's of course quite satirical, and extremely funny.

In the past few days I've been going through this artist's gallery, reading through all her comic strips, and I've had a great deal of laugh doing so. I highly recommend that you do the same. Here's a more sophisticated version of her main characters:

From left to right: Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Don't you just love the look on Sweden's face? =)) And apparently Finland's character has quite a fan-club [and I totally want his hat!].=D Iceland has a parachute, that makes me jealous. Norway has cute hair and a huge fish. =)) Somehow the first thing I did, was sharing this with a Danish friend [xo] who's apparently been sharing it with just about everyone in Scandinavia.... =D

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