Sunday, August 08, 2010
Happiness is Around the Bend

Oh yes, it certainly is! =)

It's been yet another silent period due to my extreme lack of time, and what better reason to break this silence than to... well, LETS TALK ASD! =D The new ASD demo by the name "Happiness is Around the Bend" was released yesterday at the Assembly 2010 demo party. And early this morning I got the happy news that the demo has in fact won 1st place! =D YAAAAAAAAAAY!

I've been experiencing a bit of a mental struggle over which one of the ASD demos is my favourite, and it's a tie between Life Force and Happiness. I finally decided to leave it at that. It's just a tie. I can't like either one of the 2 more than the other, and that's just the way it's going to be. =D Where Life Force made my heart explode out of my chest and brought tears to my eyes, Happiness made me jump around and throw my fists in the air. On one hand I think the 2 demos are too different to be able to make a comparison, on the other hand they're too connected to make a comparison! It's like they're the 2 sides of the same coin... So, watch the new demo and decide for yourself. Winking smile

Oh, and... ehmmm.... well.... I just have got to say this since Soren mentioned something to me... [fair warning: brash opinionated remark following], in case you've been reading Pouet threads... don't let certain comments about the music bias your opinion. aMUSiC and Leviathan have done an otherworldly beautiful job with the music. Big Kudos to them both. <3 <3 =)

Of course there were a few more demos in ASM this year that really took my breath away. I will post about them next.....

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