Thursday, October 14, 2010
SGU Fail...

Late last night I watched the latest episode of Stargate Universe, as I didn't want to wait any longer to find out about the "object" that was coming towards them. I figured things may finally get more interesting.

At the end of the episode I was cursing myself for not having spent that time to watch something that I would have actually enjoyed instead, specially since I have very little time these days.... Don't get me wrong, the whole "other ship with aliens on board" thing was pretty interesting, but I'm beginning to feel that the series' main characters are SOOO annoying, that they're over-shadowing any interesting events in the plot. I'm sorry to say, but not a single one of them seem to be capable of doing anything other than being horribly annoying all the time. As much as it pains me to say, SGU has turned into a soap opera featuring a large group of complete idiots!

Their military leader is a brainless arrogant dictator. Their supposed "brains" guy is an idiotic self centered arrogant b*****d. The entire series is the struggle of these 2, and the rest of the characters are so interesting and important that they could as well cease to exist.

Stargate used to be about a group of people each of whom where important in their own way. Each evolving to something better during the series, while dealing with interesting SCI-FI challenges [not soap opera ones!]. I understand that SGU is supposed to be "different", but so far this difference has been nothing but a severe failure. And by the way, I'm not the only one to say that. Every serious sci-fi fan that I've talked to so far, says the same thing.

If things keep going this way, I will quite possibly stop watching SGU altogether. =(

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