Wednesday, November 03, 2010
Happy 10th Birthday ASIMO! =)

October 29th is a very special day. It's ASIMO's birthday! Yes, ASIMO turned 10 years old a few days ago! Below is an awesome video by Honda, showing a timeline of the development of ASIMO.


It's hard to believe that ASIMO has been around for 10 years already! In the first 7-8 years, the improvements and new capabilities that were added to ASIMO were rather frequent and pretty impressive. However I'm afraid that I haven't read anything on the ASIMO website in the past couple of years to really WOW me! And now with some serious competitors [like NASA's R2], I think ASIMO has some catching up to do! So happy birthday ASIMO, and whatever you're doing, hurry it up! =P

You can read about ASIMO's birthday here,  and here's a story released by Honda about development of ASIMO.

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