Monday, May 23, 2011
End of "Angel: After The Fall"

Back when the Angel TV series got cancelled, the fans of the series [including myself] were pretty disappointed. But not long after that IDW publishing and Joss Whedon came together, and in 2007 the first episode of "Angel: After The Fall" comic series was released. Since then I've been following the comics quite eagerly. In some ways I found them even more entertaining the the TV series were... so yes, you could call me a big fan. The series also had a lot of very cool spin-offs and side stories, my favourite of which was probably the "Illyria: Haunted" series.

Now, after about 5 years of pure awesomeness, the series is over. Last night I read the very last episode of the After The Fall story line, and tonight [if I can somehow manage the time!] I'm going to read the end to "Spike", which is the very last spin-off of the series. So yes, no more After The Fall. That doesn't make me a very happy girl. =/

I should say that I'm certainly not disappointed. The After The Fall series had a great story line, and a pretty fitting end. Unlike the TV series ending, with the comic series you get that feeling of closure. Everything has been truly well explained and concluded. But still, I can't help but wish that there was more! =P

Mind you, this isn't the end of Angel comics altogether. The publishing rights are being passed on to [or more like back to] Dark Horse Comics, and they obviously have their own plans for it. In about a couple of months, Dark Horse is realising an "Angel Omnibus" containing whatever they published during the time the TV series was still running [before the fall era!]. After that, as far as I can see, they're starting an "Angel and Faith" mini series, which apparently takes place after the events of the Buffy Season 8 comics [Dark Horse's].

I haven't read the Buffy Season 8 comics yet, but I'm hoping to manage that sooner or later. And I'm looking forwards to Dark Horse's Angel series. On the cons side, Faith was never one of my favourite characters at all... so... meh. But oh well, I guess I can only wait and see how that'll turn out. 

On a bit of a different direction... in the entire After The Fall series, I found only 1 serious inconsistency, which is pretty interesting seeing how the episodes were written by so many different people. I sort of have a problem with the whole James turned Myresto Mor scenario. Anybody else find that weird? The James character was supposedly an angel for so long in the series, long enough to come across other angels as well as various representatives of the Powers That Be. So how did he suddenly turn out to be some sort of an evil demi-god? I mean, wouldn't other angels or even more importantly the big parents notice that he's just not one of the family?

I think I read somewhere that perhaps in a try to smoothen the situation, it was said that the Cordelia that came to Angel's help as he was dying, was not really Cordelia. But I think we all know that it was Cordelia. And heck, she wasn't the only one who would technically have easily been able to recognize James as a non-angel. But anyway... I try to think of Myresto as a new character altogether... and the plot was great enough to pretty much hide that little inconsistency.

I just hope that in the new Dark Horse Angel appearances, there's going to be room for Illyria and Spike, since they really are bloody fantastic characters and my favourites in the series. I also would really like to see what Connor may do with his new found powers, but I'm afraid we may never know, if the Dark Horse writers try to not make any references to the ATF series. That would be a huge disappointment, so I'm hoping they're not going to completely ignore everything that happened in ATF. 

Anyway... enough comic talk... time to get back to studying... =P

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