Saturday, May 07, 2011
Stargate Universe.... CANCELLED???

Ok is this strange, unbelievable, unfortunate, disastrous and all in all extremely bad. SyFailI realize it's old news which due to being extremely busy I found out about now, but anyhow I'm enraged. Steaming mad

Ever since the start of SGU, this is my 4th post about the series. Previously, I wrote this, this, and this one. If you've read those, you probably have an idea as to how I was feeling about the series up to about October of last year. To me, it was a bit of a fail. The first season and beginning of the 2nd season of SGU involved too much soap opera and too little sci-fi for my taste. I kept watching the show, hoping it would finally pick up at some point...

Well guess what, it DID pick up! From the middle of 2nd season, we started seeing much more action. The plot got a lot more interesting, character development started to finally happen, and we started seeing actual sci-fi in there. Improvements kept coming at a high speed, and finally a couple of weeks ago I found myself saying to my boyfriend "hey, SGU is actually getting extremely good now, I can't wait for the next episode!", to which he enthusiastically agreed.

Now, 2 weeks later, and I read that the moment the show got good, it also got cancelled. And if you start looking at the big picture, and the collection of things that made the path to the show getting cancelled... it really looks VERY ugly.

First, SyFy rescheduled the show from Friday nights to Tuesday nights, because apparently Friday nights had to be kept for the most sci-fi, the most brilliant, the most imaginative show out there. It's called WWE Smackdown. Yeah, it' BLOODY WRESTLEING! What the bloody hell does that have to do with science and fiction, I have no bleeding clue!  

On the other hand, lets be honest here, the sci-fi genre [specially what you may call hard-core sci-fi] has never really been the most popular genre with the main stream. Rescheduling of the shows like this together with lack of interest from masses, results in the show having low viewer stats at the time it's first aired. Of course no one cares that many fans record the show to watch when they can due to busy schedules, or that many of us don't even live in North America so we have to watch the show through other channels.

And now for mentioning the obvious... low viewer stats, low DVD sales and basically not enough money being made out of a TV series, means no love from money hungry networks like SyFy who ONLY cares about the profit. So, who cares that this is the successor spin off to one of the most successful, most loved, most amazing series in the history of sci-fi that we're talking about right? And who cares that it still has a lot to offer? And who cares about all the people who have spent years creating all this? The main stream prefers to watch some guys smack each other to pieces [theatrically of course] or some girls chew each other's necks over an ex, so the so called blighted SyFy channel decides to give them exactly that.

Sad fact is that the SyFy channel has no longer anything to do with science fiction. I saw that coming, when they changed the name from Sci-Fi to SyFy, supposedly to explore other possibilities. This is what they meant by it. Just look at the show list for the channel, and you'll see that by killing off SGU, they just removed the last serious science fiction series that they had from the network's list of programs. That's it. SyFy, is officially no longer a science fiction channel.

To add to the disaster pile, it turns out that the untimely cancellation of SGU, also has put a permanent stop to the production of the Stargate Atlantis movie, and any other movies from the Stargate franchise that we may have been hoping for.

SaveSGUA quick look around the web, has made it clear to me how utterly upset, angry and frustrated the fans of the show [not a small number] are. And how hard they're all trying to save the show. I honestly can't say that I'm keeping any hopes up... but who knows, I'm going to join every campaign I come across and sign any petition I can. Maybe something will come out of it after all...

And here's what you should be checking out:

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And since the list of information, support, campaign and petition pages is growing daily, I have created a Verse page where I [or anyone else interested] will be collecting relevant info and links. Check it out!


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