Friday, June 24, 2011
Bones & Castle

I just feel like mentioning this, because recently I was talking to a couple of friends about it... ;)

Bones and Castle are both TV series that I like and I watch [whenever I get a chance, which usually means so many episodes at once...]. But seriously, how can anyone not see that Castle is totally a Bones rip off?

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I've been a fan of Bones since it first showed up in 2005. I find the series to be a very interesting one, and generally not brainless entertainment. The story lines are complex and sophisticated. Also full of interesting scientific facts, and I can even see a touch of sci-fi in there rather often. I do consider myself a fan of the series and I try to catch all the episodes even if it means late night marathons.

Castle on the other hand... well... let me see how to put this. Castle seems to have borrowed much of Bones' structural elements. The cop and the novelist, the touch of romance, the adventurer and the conservative, the single parent... and many more details of Bones can be seen in Castle. But of course all of that does not in any way mean that Castle's story lines are EVER as interesting as Bones'. Castle is a very usual mystery/crime/cop TV series. It's rather entertaining and often enjoyable to watch, but I watch it for smiles only, and I don't find any thrill what-so-ever in it's plots. So all in all I don't think I'd really call myself a fan of the series, and I don't mind missing episodes here and there.

So yes, that's how I compare the 2. I sort of like Castle but I very much see it as a rather weak Bones rip-off.

Oh, and I must say that I'm so looking forwards to seeing Bones season 7. The way season 6 ended was pretty insane... ;)

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