Saturday, February 02, 2013
Fringe Ending...

Warning: Here be spoilers!

So it's been a couple of weeks since Fringe ended, and last night I had a chance to watch the series finale once more. I've been playing with it in my head, and I'm not a 100% certain how I feel about it. I think I enjoyed many aspects of it, but I also think that it wasn't, at all, enough.

I'm a big fan of how J.J. Abrams stories usually grow larger than life. The so many parallel story lines, the plots within plots, the insane developments of characters, I love it all. At the same time I think that there's a bit of a side effect to all this, which is probably more a business/channel policy issue than anything else. Given how the most interesting sci-fi series have one by one disappeared and any new promising series seems to get cancelled before even officially taking off, there's almost always not enough time for J.J. Abrams story lines to be properly brought to a satisfying conclusion.

It seems like J.J. Abrams stories grow so awesomely huge that tying up all the loose ends and answering all the questions alone will require a few seasons. So regardless of how well designed, how exciting and how all in all nice the finale might be, it's just never enough. A really painful example of that was Lost. I actually was one of the few people who did like the concept for the finale, but gosh was that just insufficient!

The Fringe finale was much better. It did offer some closure, and it answer some questions. However there's still way too much that's left to our imagination, and I even see some inconsistencies. For instance, I don't believe that Walter technically could disappear. I also think that the chunk of time that we never "saw", the period of time in which Etta was born and raised, was something that perhaps we were originally intended to see, due to some references in the series itself and also the comics. And I could go on....

Now I can only hope that there will be more comics to fill up all the gaps that the series has left behind, and offer some more explanations.

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