Monday, September 02, 2013
Hike To Kyburg, Tierpark Bruderhaus and Eschenbergturm

So, I figured I should write these here for the friends of mine who were wondering exactly where I was in the past couple of weekends [as in, where those photos came from! ;)].

A few weeks ago we went for a hike in the Winterthur vicinity. We got on the train in the Zurich main station, and went to Effretikon. From there we hiked to Kyburg, and from there to Tierpark Bruderhaus [animal park]. From there we hiked to the tower of Eschenberg, and from there back to Winterthur.

This was a great plan for the day [organized by my friend Gian-Andrea], as it basically included everything I like. A good hike, a castle visit, a tower and even an animal park.

Photos here.




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