Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Cat Hunt... The Tale of a Horrid Day!

So it's not been a fun day. That is unless you were someone watching me and Oliv from some distance... then you might have laughed your lungs out. Or not.... I'm not sure.

This morning we had a vet appointment for the cat. We put the cat in his basket and since the vet's office is about 2 minutes by foot from our building, we just put the basket in a shopping cart and headed there. We had an informative conversation with the vet, got the cat checked out, and headed back our building. The cat, as usual, didn't like being in the basket or in the street. Cars generally scare him, and so does just about everything else. He was screaming, so we had to stop every few steps, open the top, pet him and try to calm him down... and since we had to keep doing that, we didn't properly latch the top.

Well... halfway to the building, in a completely uncharacteristic move, Mr. Zorbas decided to jump out of the basket, and run straight into the tight tangle of trees and bushes leading to the forest area!!

Well. For the next I don't know exactly how many hours Oliv and I ran around trying to find him, while my heart was stuck in my throat. The area he had jumped into was filled with thorny bushes and tangled branches, but fortunately eventually Oliv managed to spot him. He was hiding in the most knotted part of that messy tangle, and it took some serious acrobatics, but we got him out ok and eventually returned home.

Oliv's arms are covered with scratches. My legs are covered with cuts and scratches. We both have half a jungle in our hair. I had a terrible shock, I was half sure that we had lost him forever, and I feel like all my energy has left me. And the cat is now sitting there comfortably licking his paws.... hmmmm..... yup.


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