Wednesday, March 01, 2017
Stephen King's "The Green Mile"

I have no idea how many times I've watched the movie. The Green Mile is one of my all time favourites.. it's one of those movies that I just randomly re-watch every once in a while just because. But up to very recently, it hadn't even come to my attention that there even was a book! Perhaps partially because so far I haven't been such a big fan of Stephen King's writing, and I didn't even know this was one of his.

Last month a friend of mine asked me what I thought of the book, and a couple of hours later I actually started reading it. I was a little worried that the book wouldn't be that good, or that it would be too different. Fortunately as it turned out the usual rule applied here too and the book was in fact better.

Reading the book you get to know the characters much better. Their personalities, thoughts and circumstances of their lives have been much better described. And then there's the mouse. In the movie you do fall in love with the mouse, but in the book you properly get to know the mouse. There is much more to him and his story, and he is perhaps the 2nd main character in the book. And I absolutely love that.

Paul Edgecombe's story is also better told in the book. There is in fact quite a bit about him that doesn't make it to the movie, including a very meaningful last chapter. That last chapter was hard for me to very emotionally intense, and it gives you much to ponder about. Mind you it doesn't really change the story or how it ends, but it does paint a move vivid picture of Paul Edgecombe.

The Green Mile

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