Tuesday, June 09, 2015
Thanos: Infinity Revelation

This is probably recommended reading for anyone who wondered why I was thoroughly annoyed with what the Guardians of the Galaxy movie looked like, and what it was missing.

I guess it's already pretty clear that Adam Warlock is my all time favourite comic character [closely followed by the Silver Surfer]. In fact most of what I've read of Marvel Cosmic throughout the years, has somehow been the result of following Adam Warlock's trail... this actually includes Guardians of the Galaxy.

Since Warlock's annihilation at the end of DnA's Guardians a few years ago, I've been waiting quite impatiently to see him surface again. During the Annihilators mini series, Magus managed to come back for a very short while, and then got captured and put back into the cocoon by the Annihilators. Not that I had any interest in seeing his slimy purple face anyway. And since then there was absolutely nothing, 'till now.

Recently Marvel released Jim Starlin's new "Thanos: Infinity Revelation", which somehow took me a while to hear about, but I had to read it since Thanos happens to be my favourite Villain. So I got myself the digital copy... and lo and behold, here comes Adam Warlock, hitching a ride back to existence with Thanos, no cocoon needed this time. =D You can imagine my utter excitement... YAY! Finally!!

To make things even better, the book is simply brilliant. Jim Starlin is the author who made Warlock into what it is, and he's done it again. This is basically the archetype of the story line that got me interested in Marvel Cosmic in the first place, a million years ago. And I must say I haven't seen the like of it for quite a long time.

The plot explores a situation in which the universe is re-created in 2 versions, one based upon the mind and soul of Warlock, and the other after Thanos. The story is very abstract, it's mostly self discovery for these two characters, and it's more a philosophy lesson than anything else. This, is why I love Adam Warlock in the first place. Oh, and then Silver Surfer makes an appearance too. How about that? Is this the perfect book or what?

As I wrote in the beginning, this is what you should look at if you're wondering what all the fuss was about when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out, disappointing many of the Cosmic fans. This is generally what we're looking for, and this is the sort of thing Guardians  has always offered, before the movie happened. An intelligent plot, meaningful ideas and characters, and a respectable amount of food for thought.

Of course now I'm totally in love, since last week I got my hands on the hard cover version of the book [as usual thanks to KABOOOM], and it even looks fantastic!! It's not very clear in the pictures I've posted here, but on the cover Thano's head is a glossy print while the rest of the page has a matte finish, giving you the feeling that Thanos is coming right at you from the depths of the abyss. ;)

And this is not the end of it, Jim Starlin is soon to release another one of the same "series", called "Infinity Relativity". I'm currently dying to read that one.

If you're living in the Zurich vicinity, you can pick up a copy of this at the KABOOOM comic book store.




And yes, if Warlock keeps looking 2 different ways to you for no apparent reason, it's not you, it's him.




Perfection. Everyone I love is in there!

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