Friday, December 23, 2005
Self-Aware Robot / Greek In Progress

I) I got this pretty kool article yesterday in my RSS'z from Apparently there'z this new robot that can tell the difference between a mirror image of itself, and another robot looking exactly like it. It is said that this breakthrough can lead to creation of robots that are capable of emotion. Interesting eh? Somehow I can't stop thinking about this....

II) Last night I started up on Greek grammar. [So far I know the alphabet, I've developed an understanding of the pronunciations and how things are supposed to sound like, and I know a bunch of words and short sentences.] U know what's interesting? The grammar actually seems to be not so difficult. Then again this could be only the beginning.....
I'm also having so much fun with the Greek vocabulary. I don't know how to put this in words...things "sound nice" in Greek! Also a lot of Greek words seem to have found their way into other languages, including Spanish and Persian. [In case of Persian I still don't quite know which one has found its way into the other, although I've been doing a lot of "history" homework!] As a result, a lot of these new words are not so new to me!

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