Monday, September 04, 2006
Second Demo Display [Report Finished, Part 7 Posted]

"I'm completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly". Yup! I remember my own circuits getting completely fried after seeing this one. Perfect Love by LKCC & Bauknecht was the second "Robotic" demo of the show. The only complaint that I heard about this demo was toward the sound track. I was told that with a better sound track this demo could be a master-piece. Of course robot-happy people like me never minded the music anyway, and just enjoyed the super eye-candy! :P
Next we had a bit of a sweet surprise for all the ASD fans. :) Iconoclast which was actually a part of the last show, was screened again! This was one of nicest part of the show in my opinion, since you could actually see a lot of excitement going around. The crowd [specially the old crowd] seemed to be very happy to see Iconoclast once more, and the fans were actually standing up the whole time during the re-screening. Yup, ASD ruled the house again. :)
The last demo of the show was one that apparently has a lot of fans. Heaven Seven by Exceed is a very well known demo which I was actually told to watch by quite a few people when I first came across the Demoscene. [& Yeah I actually do go ahead and watch your recommendations people! :P] I guess I don't even need to try do describe here how the crowd reacted to this one, do I? :) This demo was actually screened twice back to back, since people wanted to grasp a bit more of the lyrics and the general concept. Besides the awesome visuals and great music, there's definitely a lot going on in this demo, concept wise. A lot for us all to think about! :) And of course, screenies as per request:So that was it! To wrap things up we listened to the 2 fantastic tracks, Chloral Hydrate by aMUSiC which made me and my Dune fanatic friends super-happy, and Music On The Moon by aMUSiC and Amigo, which got everyone dancing. :D And I guess now it's time for me to finally finish up with this terribly long report [but what could I do, a promise is a promise! ;) I just hope you guys are happy! :D] As for the next show, I have no clue when it's going to be but of course if I decide to start arranging something again, I'll let you all know. As for your questions regarding the demo-groups, as I mentioned before you can find their websites through, [and refer to the update on part 3]. Still if it's something that you can't find and you think I might know, the shoutbox is open. Have fun people! ;)



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