Saturday, January 23, 2010
I Think I'm In Luv # 2

After months and months and even more months of waiting, I finally found the perfect little companion for my beloved blue VAIO notebook. So I introduce to you, the royal indigo VAIO, from Sony's signature collection [yet again!]. =D

A combination of an 8GB SDRAM, a 3.06GHz processor, a 500 GB HDD, the NVIDIA GeForce GT230M GPU [512MB VRAM], HDMI output, Blur-ray read and write drive & etc, makes this little dude exactly what I need. There are tons and tons of really kool features to play with, including the "web button". It's basically a quick web access button. When the system is shut down, if you want to quickly access the web without booting Windows, you just press this web button and a stand alone web browser boots. It's pretty darn awesome, and very useful to me. What's very interesting is that it's very thin and light. Oh, and it looks great sitting beside my blue VAIO. =P

And then of course there's Win7. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I LUUUUVVVV it! Microsoft has finally created an OS which makes me not think about switching to Apple anymore, and I'm not saying that lightly. It works, and it looks great. YAAAAY! =D

I also have to mention that I really like the new Sony notebook backpacks... ;)

VAIOz Luv Me! =)) [& No, this is not a a set up.... it actually happened. The blues are mine, the pink is my mom's, the black is my cousin's.]

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