Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Fringe: Charlie Francis - UNDEAD?? HELLO???!!!

Ok... ummm... is it just me imagining things, or did Charlie Francis actually just come back from the dead??? Huh??

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Charlie get killed by a shape-shifter? And wasn't this shape-shifter later shot by Olivia Dunham, causing her to go through a rough psycho period, which hopefully ended with help of Sam Weiss? So... if all of that isn't just a fragment of my imagination, then how on earth did Charlie Francis just show up on the 11th episode of season 2, following a case, just like nothing has happened?

In fact this episode looked like a lot of things haven't happened... I get the feeling that we're simply not looking at the same universe! There were other inconsistencies in the past too, for instance how Olivia ended up in the middle of a car crash after she came back from the other universe... a crash that had never even started. She parked her car, went to see Nina Sharp, Nina didn't show up, and then Olivia was led to the elevator to the other universe... there simply never was an accident, so how did she end up in the middle of an accident that never started???

Given all the inconsistencies, I think that we're seeing events from different universes, like that episode where Olivia was seeing pieces and parts of events from different universes. In any case, something really weird is happening.... and that's the whole fun about Fringe, isn't it? =D

I have to say unlike SGU, Fringe is going on strong... very interesting, very very kool. =)  Can't wait to see what happens next... and how Charlie just reappeared out of thin air....  

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