Monday, January 11, 2010
SGU? Hmmmmmmm


Umm... no. Yeah. I have to start by saying NOOO. Big NOOOO. God, just what are these folks doing? We're so used to Stargate being this larger than life complex intriguing epic plots, and that's what we like about it! Now of course there needs to be evolution, there needs to be change... but then there's "change" and there's "mess up". And so far, SGU has been the ladder. None of my big time Stargate fan friends seem to like this one at all up to now.

So far, SGU has only been a bunch of extremely shallow people doing extremely useless things. All the time. What bothers me even more, is that the general plot and the big picture is in fact VERY interesting. People who are not supposed to be doing this, further from home than any human has every been... this could be SOO full of events. But it's NOT! And I think it's mainly due to how un-interesting the characters are. So far, I only find 3 of the main character interesting [sometimes!]:
- Dr. Rush - Cause he uses his brain
- Eli Wallace - Cause he sometimes uses his brain
- Camiile Wray - Cause she started drawing the boat

As for the rest of them, I find them completely and utterly vain.

So that's all I have to say, so far it's been a big disappointment. The 9th episode is the last one I've seen so far, and now they've left my favorite character, Dr. Rush, on the surface of some planet and left him there to die.... but he's alive, and that may go to interesting places. It would be "nice" to see my favorite character turning into the big anti-hero....we'll just have to wait and see. I really hope things start picking up....

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