Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Iranian Hackers & Baidu??!

So this is pretty bizarre to me! How exactly does this make any sense? At first, these folks disabled Twitter which has turned into a major communication tool in Iran [and so it's understandable why they want it gone!], and then they mess with Baidu, which is a major Chinese search engine. And of course the Iranian government has no problems with China. So what? Are these guys are just going about it randomly now??

"Hackers calling themselves the "Iranian Cyber Army" paralysed China's biggest search engine this morning, sparking a bizarre online battle as Chinese hackers apparently retaliated by targeting Iranian sites. Last month the group attacked Twitter, which has been used by Iranian opposition supporters. But Beijing and Tehran are allies and it was not immediately obvious why hackers targeted Baidu, which commands over 60% of the search market in China."

Iranian' hackers paralyse Chinese search engine Baidu | Technology | guardian.co.uk

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