Thursday, January 28, 2010
USB Floppy Drive! =P

Yes, you may laugh at me all you want... but here's my latest eBay adventure. =P I incidentally came across possibly one of the last survivors of the floppy disk era, a 9 year old external [USB] Microtech floppy drive that has somehow been sitting  in it's box somewhere waiting.. getting bored... not being used...! =P 

Well you see, I still have a load of my old floppy drives in some really nice colours [ ;) ], containing old games, a heck of a lot of code [yeah like code I wrote when I was 9!], graphics, and all sorts of other odd and even things. And obviously none of my notebooks have a floppy drive. And somehow, I have this nostalgic feeling towards floppy disks / drives... =D Well, lets just say that I really had to have it. ;) Here it is:

My Microtech floppy drive connected to my notebook.. [and those are the different colours that the lead can have [there's like 15 or so of them.. =))))] ...

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