Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DSC05530[1] Yesterday, I turned 27. =) I like the fact that the number has a 7 in it, which has always been lucky for me. ;) I guess it makes sense, given that this is most probably going to be the year of big changes. As in, _HUGE_Migrating Around The Globe_, sort of changes. Which I'm of course looking forwards to. We had a nice little party with friends, after which we went out to a Greek restaurant where I had one of my favourite dishes: Grilled Octopus. Ok, I know that maybe hard to believe for some, but Octopus really is VERY yummy, and I totally love it. =D I even took a picture for proof. [Yet DSC05161.JPG_802[1] again!]

I would like to thank all my friends for the very nice birthday wishes, cards, eCards and.... Thanks you so much, it means a whole lot to me. =) 

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