Friday, November 05, 2010

And by the way, if you're ever in downtown Toronto and feeling hungry, make sure you check out the Eggspectation restaurant. Well actually they seem to have locations all over North America and India. Hmm. =P I loved the contents of the picture below...

Update: Ok... ok... seems like I have to explain a little something here. Why o why have I developed such a crush on this hamburger. =P Well, because it was SO INCREDIBLY YUMMY! I think it mainly has to do with the fact that it wasn't salty. I mean, by default hamburgers taste slightly salty due to several of the ingredients. But this hamburger.. not salty at all, and hey, it wasn't really greasy either! And I must say, the fries were also to die for. I don't eat out very often and I also don't eat all that much red meat, but I'd welcome one of those any time! =D

Update 2: Yes, NO! I'm not against red meat at all, I just don't eat it all that much. I prefer fish meat instead... but I do try to fit a bit of red meat in my meals every now and then. And I'm definitely not a vegetarian or vegan. Why? I just don't believe in it. I believe it balance, and flow of nature. I also believe in real, actual science. But I'm not going to get any more into that.

Oh... and I have this acute urge to mention, I bloody hate McDonalds. For all they do to humans and animals at the same time.

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