Sunday, August 14, 2011

Continuing tonight's share of sorting through pictures, I've finally uploaded a few pictures of Aarau and around the new flat we just moved to. It's very few for now, but I'll add more pictures soon. Pictures from inside the flat will of course happen once I've actually managed to unpack, which is proving quite challenging with the amount of busy I currently am. =P Here's the album.

So far I'm completely loving Aarau. The city has parts like Toronto and parts like Solothurn. The flat is in a high-rise building some minutes away from the more "metropole" looking center of the city, and believe it or not right in the middle of a jungle/park area. Right on the north of our building block the serious green starts, and the river is about 2 minutes away on foot. It's a very unusual setting altogether. =)

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