Thursday, December 29, 2005
RSS Bandit!

I've been looking for a "good" feed aggregator [aka feed reader] software for quite a while. There are a lot of online aggregatorz and some of them seem to do a good job, but somehow I feel more comfortable with the onez that I can have on my desktop. It'z probably because there'z more u can do with desktop aggregatorz than online onez, plus they're simply faster and easier to use. However, obviously not all the available desktop aggregators are so great! I've used THIS RssReader for quite a while but I've never really been happy with it.
- It'z not compatible with all versionz of RSS/Atom
- For some reason it finds errors in feed formats that really contain no errors (!!)
- It exports the feeds in an XML file that's not compatible with any other aggregators [seemz to contain errorz!] and no OPML outputs whatsoever [so what'z the point of having an export feature like this anywayz??]
- Worst of all, somehow it managez to jump up to about 106MB mem usage in no more than 2 secondz after it'z run!
And these are only a few of it'z problems, but since I couldn't' find any better desktop aggregators I kept using it until today....yes... today I finally found THIS. It'z called RSS Bandit and so far it seemz to be the best one I've seen. It'z:
- Light
- Fast
- Easy to use
- Compatible with all sortz of feed formatz
- Low in mem usage
- Got OPML import & export
And so many other kool features. Plus, I gotta admit, the little bandit smiley face tray icon is cute! So if u're looking for a good feed aggregator too, make sure to give this one a shot.

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