Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Self Destruction? OR NOT!

I don't quite remember when I first received the news regarding the the Sivand dam [Iran - Fars] reconstruction and how it could seriously damage Iran's archeological sites, but I do know that now I'm completely sick and tired of my mailbox and Orkut scrap book getting filled up with all the emails and messages on the topic, which oh, yeah, happen to be ALL BLOODY LIES!
So here's the story: The Sivand dam has been an important part of an on going 10 year plan to provide irrigation water for the farmers in the area, and now that it's nearly complete, some very disturbing rumors have been spread around which have managed to cause serious concerns for a whole lot of people, including myself for a short while. [If you didn't know already, I'm Persian. At least to a large extent.] The rumors have it that the flooding of this dam could cause the total destruction of some of Iran's most important archeological sites including Pasargadae, the city built by King Cyrus the Great, and the King's tomb. So these are the rumors that everyone has been receiving and damn well spreading without the smallest bit of research and any actual credible information.
Now here's my question to whoever's been spreading the rumors thinking that they've been doing a fine job opening the eyes of the world to the truth: HOW GULLIBLE CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE? Why won't you go and learn the truth for yourself instead of getting so fizzed up over a bunch of spam mails? When are you going to wake up and see what's really happening, and what role you're actually playing here?
Last night I received an email saying that the flooding has started, and the tomb has already gone under, and HEY it included bloody PICTURES believe it or not. That's it, I've had it, my folly taking capacity is officially over. I've decided to post a little piece of authenticated truth here, so "you", rumor spreaders, might consider going and talking to the right people, or even better, taking a little trip and seeing things for yourself if you can. And of course I hope this helps anyone who would like to have some knowledge of what's been happening.
The Pasargadae and King's tomb are in fact kilometers away from the bloody dam. There's even a few villages in between, which means what exactly? Are you telling me that all those people have been drowned for cryin' out loud? Of course not, you didn't even think of that did you? In addition, you seem to fail to realize that the archeological sites of Iran don't just belong to Iran, they belong to the world nation and therefore they're all under protection of UNESCO. The Persian government doesn't do any kind of construction work around any of Iran's archeological sites without the permission of UNESCO. On the other hand, a Persian-Italian archeological research team has just recently unearthed another huge site in the area, which is being explored right at this moment. Makes me wonder, did they drown too? Or are they doing under-water explorations now?
The only actual concern that has been brought up so far, is the effects of the possible increase of steam in the air. As it turns out, in comparison with the amount of rain that the sites receives each year, the steam problem is totally negligible. I also have to mention that some interesting solutions are being discussed currently for the rain problem. I also have another little hint for the rumor spreaders: You might want to start thinking in lines of "what effect these rumors have on the international view of Iran", and how many more examples of similar problems we're dealing with currently, which have to do with certain political matters that I'm just too sick of them to get into them here anyway.
And now for some laughs, I'd like to share with you the very amusing [or not] photoshop works that I've just received, displaying the supposedly flooded tomb of Cyrus.
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