Sunday, November 07, 2010
Spammers On Verse

It was really "interesting" today, when I ended up having to do a bit of an analysis on certain footsteps on my website visitor tracking tools to find out that it's been in fact people, human beings, who have attacked Verse with stupid commercial posts and some other nonsensical twaddle. Oh, and guess what, some of them even went ahead and posted links on Twitter, to the garbage they had posted to Verse. Here's a couple of examples [it might be a bot posting the stuff to Twitter though, of that I'm not certain...]:!/julie86smith/statuses/1207024033464320!/lutushia/statuses/1298952494260224

Of course the links in the posts now direct to deleted pages... I deleted the contributions of all these users from Verse, and reported them to Twitter. I also made a rather big change to Verse's registration system today. I've changed the code so that it's no longer possible to simply register an account and start using Verse. New users now have to request for an account, and then one of the admins would have to review their request and permit the account to be created, before the user can use Verse. This isn't all that conventional for a wiki system... but oh well, people have to misuse absolutely everything, and you end up having to deal with it.

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