Monday, December 13, 2010
Modelling, and Modelling!

A couple of weeks ago, I had an offer to do some modelling for a pretty well known Italian fashion brand. The offer came to me through an Italian musician/artist friend of mine who is active in that field, and in touch with the founder of that brand. I told my friend that I was very flattered [which I really, truly am, believe me! =)], but working in that specific field is just not an interest of mine, and really not in harmony with my life style and fields of activity and work that I'm interested and involved in.

So my friend relayed my response to his friend [a lady working for the brand], and then came the real surprise. A few days ago my friend told me that his friend had said that she was wondering why I had said no to the offer, since she had seen my profile on Facebook [oh, yeah!] and I had listed "modelling" as one of my interests. Apparently she was very curious as to whether I have an offer from some other brand or agency that I somehow found more interesting. =P

Well, as you can imagine I had very big round eyes when I read my friend's message saying all that. I knew that unless I was suffering from multiple personalities disorder, I couldn't have possibly listed "modeling" as an interest of mine, and to all honestly I don't think my friend believed that I had done so either. =P So then I ended up doing some digging in my own Facebook profile, and guess what... I discovered that I did in fact have the keyword "modeling" in there. Quite a few times too actually. Page names such as "Modeling the World" and "NLP Modeling" and numerous others with the "modeling" keyword most certainly are listed in my interests. =P Except of course, [well here comes the funny], those are all about  _SCIENTIFIC MODELLING_!!! D'UH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the moral of my story, and my advice to all the recruiters out there: Make sure your target model is interested in the same kind of modelling as you are. =P And when you see something with the word modelling in it on someone's FB profile, CLICK ON IT, you'll see it may or may not have anything to do with your kind of modelling. And yes, there are, in fact, OTHER KINDS OF MODELLING in this world! =PP

We're still having a good laugh over this so thank you..... ;))))

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