Thursday, January 13, 2011
Various Secret Continents by Aleksi Eeben

Due to the recent collection of hurricanes in my life, both the happy and the sad ones, I hadn't even found the chance to sit down and listen to the new albums from some of my favourite musicians with any form of an actual focus. Well, today I finally did! Starting with the new album by Aleksi Eeben, called "Various Secret Continents".

I had listened to single tracks from this album as they were being released, and was very much looking forwards to listening to the outcome as a whole. And the whole is indeed pretty awesome! I like every "Salamander" in there ;) , but if I were to choose a favourite, it would definitely be the "Sun Salamander". That track is just... beautiful, I love the melody! I also very much like the "Continental Salamander", and the bonus track "The Grand Rules" is also very interesting. But again, if you're checking out the album, which you most certainly should, make sure to listen to all the Salamanders from beginning to the end, in order to experience the full effect. =)

Also, do not forget to read the story of Salamanders here. It's extremely neat! =) You can download the album from the same page as well. I only wish that the album was available as a CD too! Would have loved to have the story in a CD booklet. =)

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