Tuesday, January 17, 2006
New Year / New Semester

2006 sure started the best way for me. :) In the new year eve I found my cousins that I had no contact with in my 22 yrz! And now I have a whole new part of my family to explore and a lot of kool people to get to know. It'z quite amazing. As for how it happened, well one of my cousins found my name on the web. It's pretty much like one of those classic movies [except the part about the web I guess! :P] Yeah, it's definitely my unpredictable life. I'm just so happy about it...
And the new semester in Ryerson....well it'z kool so far! All my profs seem to be just great. I was so worried about the "field theory" [every ELCE student's beloved course (!!!)] and it's oh so popular killer charms...but now I feel just a bit better since I actually have an amazing [& I mean AMAZING] prof for it. Not that I'm not worreid anymore, cause believe me, I am.... :P
Advanced Spanish which I'm taking for my elective has already started to get "interesting". The basic course was pretty easy but this is definitely not going to be the same. And NO, that does not mean that I'm gonna stop learning Greek and I probably will start mixing up the 2...in fact I'm already seeing signs...
So....this semester is sure going to be a lot of fun.

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