Tuesday, February 21, 2006
digg: The Future of JavaScript: an Update From The Creator of JS

Nice. I've been waiting for this almost forever. Hopefully this will solve a whole bunch of JavaScript + FireFox problems.
"JavaScript 2.0, aka ECMAScript 4 will be coming in a future version of Firefox, and with it will come Python-like generators and iterators, among other things. The good news is that Adobe and Microsoft are on the spec alongside Brendan from Mozilla, so there is hope for the language to improve in all browsers in a standard way."
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A couple of days ago a friend of mine told me something about Google banning the BMW website. Then I read the same thing in an email, and then I saw an article on digg.com about it. It seems that the public opinion on the matter is quite diverse. Some are enjoying this and some...well....not so much! But me, well I'm a bit confused. I mean I don't quite get the argument that's going around! First of all, not BMW, but BMW.de has been banned. Well they tried to use doorway pages and they got caught, isn't that so simple? I mean I don't understand why some people are getting ticked off with Google for stopping cheaters!! If u owned Google and someone tired to take advantage of it in some unethical manner, wouldn't u try to stop them?? And hey, what's this got to do with being big and powerful? Some people seem to think that Google is trying to show off it's power by banning BMW.de, and that Google is starting to show the "MS symptoms"; well this is like saying that spammers should be allowed to take over the web and anyone who tires to stop them is trying to show off their power! Come on, does that make sense to u?
I honestly don't know where Google is going with the current speed, but I know one thing for sure, stopping doorway users is in no way a sign of becoming the new big bad.

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