Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So in case there’s anybody out there who doesn’t already know, in the past week I’ve been busy knitting up a new online tool which I’m calling Verse. It’s a wiki / scrapbook / data collection tool, which in time me and fiends will hopefully fill up with interesting stuff. And if you’re interested in adding content, you can easily sign up and do so.

I’ve tinker with the code quite a bit, and there are tons of capabilities that may not be very obvious right now due to the fact that there’s not enough content to display everything, but I have added some information to the help page. Both HTML and wiki syntax are allowed in every page. If you’d like to know how a certain something is done, you can just check out the source code of the page that contains the element you’re looking for.

So…. check it out!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009
The Pain….

A really amazing poem by Dr. Ali Shariati. Sorry for not translating, would really kill the feeling. The main theme is around how a true human’s humanity causes them to take in a great deal of pain in this world..….

I also created a Verse page for Dr. Shariati here. It’s still empty-ish but well… working on it. Feel free to join add stuff….

خدایا کفر نمی‌گویم،
چه می‌خواهی‌ تو از جانم؟!
مرا بی ‌آنکه خود خواهم اسیر زندگی ‌کردی.
اگر روزی ‌ز عرش خود به زیر آیی
لباس فقر پوشی
غرورت را برای ‌تکه نانی
‌به زیر پای‌ نامردان بیاندازی‌
و شب آهسته و خسته
تهی‌ دست و زبان بسته
به سوی ‌خانه باز آیی
زمین و آسمان را کفر می‌گویی
اگر در روز گرما خیز تابستان
تنت بر سایه‌ی ‌دیوار بگشایی
لبت بر کاسه‌ی‌ مسی‌ قیر اندود بگذاری
و قدری آن طرف‌تر
عمارت‌های ‌مرمرین بینی‌
و اعصابت برای‌ سکه‌ای‌ این‌سو و آن‌سو در روان باشد
زمین و آسمان را کفر می‌گویی
اگر روزی‌ بشر گردی‌
ز حال بندگانت با خبر گردی‌
پشیمان می‌شوی‌ از قصه خلقت، از این بودن، از این بدعت.
خداوندا تو مسئولی.
خداوندا تو می‌دانی‌ که انسان بودن و ماندن
در این دنیا چه دشوار است،
چه رنجی ‌می‌کشد آنکس که انسان است و از احساس سرشار است

"دکتر شریعتی"

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Saturday, August 15, 2009
Poseidon Oddness

So on my quest to learn some more D, I tired a few different IDEs and so far I like Poseidon best. It’s very nice and comfy to use open source IDE written with DWT. The only thing about it that gave me some trouble to start with, was that even though I had introduced the correct path to DMD and DMC, I would still get an “Wrong DMD path” as soon as I tried to compile some code. After a bunch of playing around and trying different things, I did find the solution, but I can’t say that I actually understand the “why” of it. Basically all I had to do was to not include the “bin” folder in the path. And that was that, problems solved!

I also found this little debugger called Ddbg that works nicely with Poseidon. And out of pure curiosity, I also got me this ebook. Will start reading through it soon enough.


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SinQ => Melange

As I’m sure you all know by now, a mix of disappointment with first and then to a smaller extent got me thinking about my own online music player… and that’s how Melange came to be. I’ve been using it to play some of my favorites from independent / creative commons / demoscene artists, and so have a number of my friends. And by the way, it’s accessible for guest via username “guest” and password “guest”. ;) And what I totally dig about it is that my tracks do get scribbled to through Ampache [the software for Melange].

So in the past few days I added some more music to the Melange collection, namely my entire SinQ playlist. It’s totally awesome music, and if you don’t know SinQ yet I suggest you check it out. =)

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Friday, August 14, 2009
Doll Face

I saw this video yesterday for the first time and I’ve watched it a few times since then… it’s pretty fantastic. Both the interior and the exterior of it. Thanks to xo for posting it to my twine. Check it out!

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Friday, August 07, 2009
More Still!

Oh wow…. ok, it looks like this Still group never created anything less than perfect! 10 demos, and they’re all pretty amazing. The visuals are marvelous and the soundtracks are just lovely! =)

Invoke by Still & Conspiracy

Another really nice one by Still & Conspiracy! =)

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Angelic by Still

A very pretty demo called Angelic, by the demogroup Still. Just discovered it. Lovely. =) And yes, the whole thing is just 4k.

I also just created a twine for Still. Here it is.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009
Toyota’s Running Humanoid!

Well well, it appears Honda’s ASIMO has a serious competitor! While ASIMO’s fastest running speed has been 6km/h so far, this new Toyota humanoid is running at 7km/h. Also as seen in this video, this robot can do a nice job re-balancing itself when pushed slightly. This new Toyota robot’s stunningly natural running really amazes me. however, while standing, the legs look all things but natural. ;) Which is why I still like ASIMO better. =)

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Monday, August 03, 2009
W3 + XML + Ada Twines

My gorgeous new twines! =P Feel free to join and contribute.




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Sunday, August 02, 2009
ASD - Chameleon

ASD’s new gorgeous and painful demo called Chameleon was just released on Evoke, and it RUUUUUUUULEZ. =D And I really do mean painful. You have to watch it to know why….. You can download it from here, and read the lyrics here. Make sure you pay close attention to the music and the lyrics while enjoying the outstanding visuals. Aside from the fact that aMUSiC has done it again with an awesome tune [very 007 in my opinion this time around! ;)], the lyrics are just… priceless! ;) They add a lot to the general direction and the message of the demo. I have to say this again… I luuuuvvv the visual style of ASD’s latest 3 demos! =)

The video capture is not there yet but I will post it as soon as there is one.

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IEEE Spectrum: Music-Powered Microfluidics

This article on IEEE spectrum is pretty awesome… check it out!


Researchers at the University of Michigan have found a way to control the movement of tiny droplets of fluid in a microelectromechanical (MEMS) device—with sound. The scientists use several musical tones to move droplets along different channels on a chip. By combining tones or applying them at appropriate times, they can move liquids along multiple channels and even mix, split, and sort the liquids.

The advance, published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, holds promise for making microfluidic devices compact and simple. Microfluidic devices are glass or plastic chips with etched channels through which you can maneuver nano- or even picoliters of liquids. Thousands of chemical or biological reactions can be performed on the chips simultaneously, promising to speed up medical diagnostics, chemical synthesis, and drug discovery.

Read the full article here: IEEE Spectrum: Music-Powered Microfluidics .

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