Friday, January 27, 2012
Yes, I Am Ambidextrous

Sometimes when you grow up with something as a constant in your life, you get so used to it that you end up not finding it in any way interesting or significant anymore. Then, it takes a bunch of googly eyed surprised people to remind you that this "Thing" is in fact not terribly common.

The larger part of the human population is right-handed [and in general right-sided], the smaller part is left handed/sided. And then there's the negligibly tiny fraction of the population who are both, aka ambidextrous. Natural ambidexterity is extremely rare. Most people who seem ambidextrous are left handed people who due to various circumstances have learned to write with their right hands. People who are naturally ambidextrous can use their hands/feet/body in general with the same comfort on both sides. So yes, it's not usual but it exists.

Every once in a while [a couple of days ago this time] someone catches me in the act, wondering, for instance, why it is that the piece of paper that's been in front of me the whole time looks it was written on by 2 different people. And then I have to explain that it's because the my left hand's handwriting is completely different from my right hand's. [Which is why I have to be careful not to switch hands in the middle of writing an exam or a legal document!] And then comes the big surprise, and the googly eyes.

So yes, ambidexterity exists. It's rare, but it's here... not a myth. I've been naturally ambidextrous since childhood. I write, fence, eat, catch a ball and do just about anything else with both my hands the same way [without need for any special practice] and the same applies to my feet and body in general. I can also write with both my hands, at the same time, in different languages. [On the downside: I have two handwritings and they can both make your eyes hurt.]

I however don't know anyone other than myself with this condition and I would like to. For instance I would like to know if other ambidextrous people have the same handwriting issue! So if you're reading this, and you are one, please do let me know. =)

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus! <3

Happy St Dwynwen's day to all my Welsh friends and anyone else who celebrates this day. =) <3

[Last year's card also here]

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Taiwanese Beef Jerky

A few days ago, a very nice Taiwanese friend of mine, Lolita, gave me a pack of Taiwanese beef jerky. Something that I had never before tried. =) At the first glance the package contents looked more or less like any other beef jerky I had ever seen before. But after I opened the package and had a taste... well, let's just say it's like nothing I've ever tasted before!! This was probably one of the bigger surprises I've ever had in terms of foreign food taste. =) Well, the Taiwanese jerky is sweet. And I mean really, truly, cake icing kind of sweet. There's also a ton of cinnamon in there, and it's generally softer than common jerky. After the initial surprise slap has worn off, I'm finding myself stealing bits from the package more and more. The taste is so unusual that keeps drawing me back. As you can see, not much of it remains now.... =P

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Monday, January 23, 2012
Karoshi by Satori

YAY there's a new Satori demo, and it is as usual awesome! =) In addition to the usual Satori goodness, there's the soundtrack by Chaser to make things even more interesting. [If you've been reading, you've probably seen posts here about a couple of tracks by Chaser in the past... my favourite being "Petarda" so far!] So, check out the demo's Pouet page here.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012
Beyond The Fringe

So is it just me, or does anyone else think that without reading the new "Beyond The Fringe" comics, you basically end up missing out on a lot of important facts? After seeing the latest episode of Fringe, it's looking more clear now that unless all of the comic content is somehow going to show up in the series, anyone not reading the comics will only receive half the story.

The 7 issue comic series 3 of which are already out, covers quite a load of facts that can change one's view of the storyline entirely. Joshua Jackson, who portrays "Peter Bishop" in the series, is apparently writing the comics, and so far he has done an amazing job with them. Out of the 3 sets of Fringe comics that exist up to now, this one is by far the most thrilling to read. The issues are complex, exciting and very well plotted. There are tons of twists and tangles to keep your mind wondering for a good while.

Each issue is divided to 2 sub-issues, where "A" is usually following the main story line and "B" is mostly "what if"s and alternate possibilities. 3A is currently the last issue out, and I can't wait to read the next one. 

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Sunday, January 15, 2012
The History of Love

Recently I randomly came across one of these quotation ecards that fly around the web, and the quotation somehow got into me enough to do a search and find the book that it came out of. It's called "The History of Love", by Nicole Krauss. I got me the ebook, and the 260 pages took me about a month to read [which is the time in which I usually read about 10 times that amount!]. I suppose you could say I meditated on each page. I think this is one of the greatest non sci-fi books I've ever read. Probably will read it again after some time. =) More info here.

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