Friday, June 23, 2006
Kool Stuff Summary

YAY I'm free! My 4 days of doom are officially over and done with. Now I get the chance to sit down, organize my mind and post a new log. Hmmmm....there's a lot to say...wonder where to start. First things first I guess.
I've been asked to post more often! Well thank you for your interest, and I will certainly try to do so. The trouble, you see, is that I have this overly hectic schedule, consisting of: school - work - research - projects - and... well.... hopefully "life" if I ever get any. So that means as much as I'd love to post logs often, I just can't always steal the time to do so. But again as I said, I'll sure try.
Now, back to the recent "Hot Topic". If you're still wondering what exactly happened around here during the last week, and where the apparent frenzy came from, well here's what happened.
It all started when my sense of curiosity took me on quite a trip, which resulted in the "discovery" [:P] of some of the most beautiful works of art I've ever encountered. I posted a log about this "demos" which caused a bit of a big bang. Then I decided to share the experience with a group of artist friends. We had a little get together to which we refer as "the display", where we watched a few of these demos and had some discussions. The idea of displaying the demos wasn't something that I had pre-planned. It popped into my mind right on the scene and I'm happy to say it turned into quite the event. The crowd showed some strong feelings toward the 3 demos from the Greek demo group known as ASD, which honestly was no big surprise did I! :P
Big thanks goes to Dennis and Tim for helping out with everything, and my deepest heartfelt regards goes to the guys and gals who let themselves burst into tears at certain scenes, including that => scene from"Planet Risk", [Tim, don't think I missed your face! :P], and to my friend Alex [aka Anders] who now has to pay for a brand new brain, since his old one broke during the display of "Animal Attraction". [Does SONY manufacture VAIO brains? hmmmm....nevermind.] You might get a deal on eBay. And of course the biggest and loudest of Cheers, Kudos and You Rox goes to ASD for their super brilliant creations.
As for this <= part of "Iconoclast" during which I myself pretty much lost it .....well we all thought it's a sand-clock on a music box. As it turns out [thanks aMUSiC for the info] this thing is no music box! It's actually an "Antikythera Mechanism", an ancient Greek analog computer!! [info here]. Now is that kool or what??
And as for the sound track for "Animal Attraction" which successfully put us all into trance after listening to it about 10 times are the lyrics as requested:
A smell in the air,
a game never fair,
I'm holding the dice and you just move a square,
You're facing the wall,
once again when I roll,
Not letting the fate to take it's toll..
Don't you fear my maze,
It's natural to bite your lip and tremble in this fashion,
Mesmerize my gaze,
Touch me and surrender to the animal attraction.
[Lyrics by aMUSiC] I'm ending this log since it has already gone too long, and honestly I have no idea if there was anything else that I was supposed to mention here. If I'm missing something, please let me know and I'll add. And by the way, regarding the question of which of these was actually my fave....oh for cryin' out loud! Is that even a question? I think I've already been loud enough about it that the whole world knows and my sound system is's called "Animal Attraction". =>

[There's also a permanent link in the links menu, for future reference. check out, they have wallpapers! :P]

Update: This page was suggested by one of the visitors who goes by the nickname Asusu. I'm adding it here so it won't get lost in the pile of comments. [Thank You!] :)

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Friday, June 16, 2006
Demo Discovery :)

WOW. That's all that comes to my mind right now. Big red WOOOOOOW. Possibly with a cherry on top....or something in those lines.
You know how sometimes you're looking for a certain something and then what you come across is completely off topic? Like when you're Googling for some MOSFET data sheet and you get a soup recipe instead? Well the same thing happened to me today...searching for something I came across something else...and one thing linked to the other...and I ended up HERE. Check out what I've found. This demo, called Iconoclast, has been released on July 2005 but I hadn't seen it before, and if it wasn't for this freak accident I would never have seen it, and that would have been the loss of a life time!!
So that's what the WOW is for, this demo ROCKed my world so hard. Do check it out, it's bloody amazing to put it lightly.
And hey, I was not looking for demos today. ;)

Update: Well I ended up registering an account in that website to leave a (+) for this demo. You might want to do the same!

Update: Hey hey hey people people! Comments regarding how kool this demo is, are NOT to be posted here! By rights they should go THERE! There's a forum in there right?

Update: Quit asking what I was looking for...... :P

Update: The "Shout Box" is open now. Feel free to say whatever....


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