Thursday, April 23, 2009
26 & Nose Piercing! =P

Sssoooo on Monday I turned 26. =) Not that I feel any wiser or anything. =P Knowing what I know of what’s to come, I can say that this year of my life is going to be one heck of an adventurous one. Kool, apparently that’s what I was born for, ups and downs and adventures. =) Bring it on!

And of course to start it right, today I went and got my nose pierced! =D I had been playing with the idea for a very long while.. somehow never got around to it till nMyBlueNoseRingow. And as for the pain [yes, since that’s the first question everybody asks! ;)], I’m probably the  wrong person to answer. =P Lets just say that as it turns out my pain threshold is even higher than I thought…. I felt nearly no pain, and it started healing pretty fast too… it’s a couple of hours later now and I have absolutely no pain or discomfort. It’s like it’s been there forever. Of course I have to mention that the person who did my piercing was quite obviously REALLY REALLY good at it. If anybody wants to get any sort of piercing or tattoo let me know, I’ll give you the address. =) And on the right you can see a picture of my little nose ring. I’m being told that it’s looking quite good….. luv it! ;)

Update: And ehmmm yeah I'm somehow suddenly very much in love with the below track! =P

Saturday, April 18, 2009

There are things you can annihilate simply by forgetting about them.....

Something that just came to my mind… certainly neither a new nor an original thought. =) Reminds me of that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer [insert your jokes here! =P] where this high school girl starts fading [literally, disappearing!] Because she was completely neglected by everyone. Interesting idea…. even though I don’t believe that you can actually make people invisible by forgetting about them [too bad! ;)], but I do believe that there are things in this world that you can literally destroy by forgetting about them. Of course you don’t see it happen.. till you give / receive a reminder and that’s the moment when you know it’s all “gone”.

Anyway…. here’s the track of the day, which I totally luv, through, which I’m starting to like! =) 

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Monday, April 13, 2009
ASD – Crash Boom Bang! =D

Winner of this year’s best demo at The Gathering, ASD’s new demo is pretty much a complete action movie, with an awesome plot, amazing stunts and the superbly perfect music to make you feel the “Rapture” in your bones. =) The demo, which according to certain rumors [ ;) ] takes place on the “Planet Risk”, has trains, trucks and ships crashing and bridges falling down in neon blaze, making it impossible for you to take your eyes away from the screen for even a fraction of a second. And of course aMUSiC and Leviathan’s powerful soundtrack [very thoughtfully named “Throw Navis Off The Train! =))] completes the hypnotizing effect of the demo. So, check out Rapture! 

Oh but there's even more great news: Congratulations to aMUSiC, for winning this year's award for best music, for "Afternoon Stroll", the soundtrack to the awesome demo "Midnight Run". So lets check that out too! =)

And by the way, “Rapture” was in fact not the only ASD release yesterday, there’s also 2 new cute little games that you can download and have fun with, “Demobot Olympics” and “Seconds To Nothing”. Enjoy! =)


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