Friday, April 29, 2011
Monstra Kosa by Satori

And of course here's the new fabulous Satori demo, which totally made my week. I must say this was specially a breath of fresh air seeing that out of about a good 30 or so [recent] demos that I watched in the past week, this was one of the very few [about 3!] that I actually enjoyed.

As it is the usual case with Satori, this is demo is quite a mental trip. One unusual side effect was that the first time I saw it, after I finished watching the demo I noticed that my heart beat had risen quite a bit. Part of that might be due to the unusual and very effective soundtrack. Check it out! =) Of course it's best if you download the real time from here and watch that. ;)

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Robot Video + "Fear" by µ-Ziq

A friend of mine with an awesome taste in both music and visuals just shared this piece of perfection on my Facebook wall. =) The clip totally blew my mind, mainly due to the brilliant effect of the right combination of audio and visuals. The track is called "Fear" by µ-Ziq. I completely love it. This is the fist time I hear the name of this musician, and now I'm surely going to get my hands on his albums.

The video, seems to be a part of the process of building a robot that can simulate emotional responses among other things. I have a feeling that I've come across this team's work before... I have to dig it out of my archives. It's pretty fascinating work.

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Monday, April 25, 2011
No More E.S. Posthumus... =((((

I have no idea how I didn't already know about this. It's horrible... bad bad bad baES Posthumus Vonlichtend news for the world of music. =((( No more E.S. Posthumus... that's a real pain. Franz Vonlichten of E.S. Posthumus passed away last May. Today I was looking to see if there's any new albums from them, and I landed on this note written by Helmut Vonlichten, announcing the passing of his brother. =""(( It does not mention what happened though...

Gosh... it's not as if good music is easy [heck, or even possible!!] to come by nowadays. E.S. Posthumus was a real gem, and definitely one of my favourite bands of the current era. I really love their music so much... *sigh*... what a talent...  *siiiiigh*... this is a real tragedy... *snifff*....

Now I only hope that at some point we will hear something new from Helmut Vonlichten.... *sigh*..... 

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

As most of you probably already know, I read a lot of comic books. Specially at times that I'm mentally busier than usual, I have a tendency of taking comic breaks in between things that means reading even more comics... Anyway.... Recently I've been devouring loads of BuffyVerse comics, mainly related to Angel and the gang, and I've officially finished all the [so far published] Angel + spin offs issues.

So then I started looking into other BuffyVerse material and accidentally I came across this 8 issue set by the name "Fray". Now, I just finished reading the last issue of Fray, and I wish to God there was more! =P

Created by Joss Whedon and set in the BuffyVerse, "Fray" is a mix of sci-fi and slayer stories. In a rather pessimistic view of a future world, when vampires and demons and slayers have long been forgotten, "Melaka Fray" is the fist slayer to be called after so many years. She has no knowledge of the past and no connection to her heritage, and she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a war that she knows nothing about....

It turns out that Fray is actually coming back in the rather recently published Buffy season 8 comics, which I have not read yet. So, I guess that's where I'm going next! Oh, and if you're into either comics, sci-fi, Joss Whedon stuff or vampire stories, you should totally check this out! =)

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Saturday, April 09, 2011
Airport Pain

Oh my GOD! This is sooooooo true! Thanks a lot René for this... I can't agree more with it! =P

[Also: Now imagine that in my case I often have 2 notebooks and a number of other electronic pieces that need to come out.... yeah... phuunn...]

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