Thursday, September 19, 2013
Monte Generoso [Switzerland / Italy]

Last weekend we went for a hike around Monte Generoso, partially in Switzerland and partially in Italy. On the Italian side we had the chance to have a tour around a bear cave where an excavation crew have been digging out some interesting Neanderthal relics, as well as bones of the extinct bears of the area. The cave is also somewhat of a geological wonder.

After the hike a couple of us still standing also took the chance to have a walk around Lugano, which for me was a first. All in all this was a lovely trip.





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Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Die Lange Nacht Der Zürcher Museen

On Saturday evening we went to Zurich's long night of the museums 2013. It was my first time to finally manage to attend this, and I really loved it!

We started our tour from Uhrenmuseum Beyer [the clock museum], which to me was absolutely amazing, and among the best of what we saw this year. From there we went to Alterthümer-Magazin, where we looked at a large collection of old… well… everything! House appliances, tools…. Then we visited the Rathaus [town hall], which was also cool to see, and from there we headed to Kunsthaus. It was interesting to have a look at Kunsthaus' pretty huge collection… However perhaps "everything mixed with everything"  to that extent isn't really for me. =P

Then we went to Museum Rietberg Zürich. Their special exhibition of the month is themed "Tibet in Comics". From Tintin to Super Girl… that was absolutely awesome. We also had a look at their general exhibition, which is a truly impressive collection of artefacts from various ancient cultures. What was very impressive to me was that they actually had a small but nice Persian collection too.

After that the museums started to close down but there was of course parties at a couple of venues 'till about morning. ;) For me this year's museum night was a great experience and I think I will go again in the next years to see what I didn't get the chance to see this year.

Pictures here.





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Thursday, September 05, 2013
Hike Around Rheinfall and Munot Castle, and the Wine Tasting

Another hike that we went to a couple of weekends ago, was the one in the vicinity of Schaffhausen. We paid a visit to the Rheinfall on the Neuhausen side and to a boat around the fall. From there we hiked to Schaffhausen and went to the Munot castle. And then we went to a wine tasting event in the city.

For me, this was the first time visiting Rheinfall, and it was quite an experience. It was simply breath taking! To me this is the most beautiful fall I've seen so far [and I've seen a few, including Niagara… which I do not at all find interesting I might add. =P].

The wine tasting in Schaffhausen was also quite a surprise. When Gian-Andrea told me it was going to be all "local produce", I thought it was going to a table with 10 – 20 types of wine. Well, the venue turned out the be a huge square each side of which hosted some never ending line of wine stands. I'm really not a wine person I must say, but I really enjoyed this one… Especially since apparently I finally figured out that I actually really only like the Rosé wines!! ;)

Pictures here.





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Monday, September 02, 2013
Hike To Kyburg, Tierpark Bruderhaus and Eschenbergturm

So, I figured I should write these here for the friends of mine who were wondering exactly where I was in the past couple of weekends [as in, where those photos came from! ;)].

A few weeks ago we went for a hike in the Winterthur vicinity. We got on the train in the Zurich main station, and went to Effretikon. From there we hiked to Kyburg, and from there to Tierpark Bruderhaus [animal park]. From there we hiked to the tower of Eschenberg, and from there back to Winterthur.

This was a great plan for the day [organized by my friend Gian-Andrea], as it basically included everything I like. A good hike, a castle visit, a tower and even an animal park.

Photos here.




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