Monday, April 09, 2007
Slowly Fading Colors

Yesterday evening, Genox released his new EP by the name "Slowly Fading Colors". The EP includes 5 new tracks:
Proto Z
Dling Dling
Resurrected Piano

Having listened to these 5 tracks over and over and over again, I believe I can say that this EP is quite a step forward for this artist, and a truly enjoyable one to listen to. The EP includes some nice surprises for the old fans, and also has a lot to offer to a wider range of new listeners. The 5 tracks are an amazing display of the artist's ability to smoothly flow through different genres and mix elements from different styles to create something very new, and yet containing the familiar Genox atmosphere. A very special collection of colors, which in turn brings me to the title of the EP.
With all due respect to the artist's truly interesting reasoning for choosing the title "Slowly Fading Colors", I can't help mentioning that the EP brings an image of a "Box of Crayons" to my mind a lot more than fading colors. To elaborate, I basically see the EP as a collection of colors, placed side by side in a so well selected order, that causes each color to stand out in their own turn.
All that being said, I believe it's time for you to listen to the EP, and develop your own opinion! =) So, check out Genox's blog post to download the EP.
Update: Just in case you can't load Genox's blog, you can download the EP directly from here.

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