Saturday, May 26, 2007
ASD To Compete Again! =D

ATTENTION ATTENTION: Important news everyone! =D I was just checking my shoutbox, which is finally bug free thanks to Genox, and I found this message from aMUSiC of ASD:

"Hear ye, Hear ye! (there is a button on the bottom to switch to english. 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds, and no DJ Hell this time."

Wellllll I guess we all know what that means. =) Another Intel demo competition, a new ASD demo to come soon, and this time with original aMUSiC tune. I was just having a look at the list of this time's competitors and I had my eyes going like => Oo since the teams are all my favorites! So for me this means candy shop on July 2nd. WEEEEEEE! =D Here's who they are:

  • ASD
  • Fairlight
  • Still
  • Synesthetics

You can have a look at the Intel page for a little memory refreshment, these are all teams that we actually have watched their demos on the big screen pretty often. =) I have to mention here, there's a certain other team that I really wish to see more activity from. You know who you are. But just in case you don't, well you're Vantage. Move IT guys!

I also have a message from Optimus reminding me of the yet to be used CDCz that I have on pouet. Well, I guess I'm waiting for the Intel demo competition! ;)
And on a little side note: Yup my blog has a new home now. Please change your bookmarks and links to, thank you. =) Of course it's not a problem to keep the old one, cause you'd still be forwarded to the right address.

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