Monday, July 02, 2007
Here Goes! =)

OK ladies and gentlemen, the Intel demo competition has officially started! I was just having a look at all the demos that are competing this time and I have to say a big good job to all the groups. They were all quite nice. As for the ASD demo, "Beyond The Walls Of Eryx", well.... I was surprised, and not! I wasn't surprised that the demo rulez... after all it's ASD, what else would one expect? But the demo was so original and so awesome that it actually did manage to drop my jaw all the way to the floor! So, BIG kudos to the ASD demo from both me and Genox! The demo has great visuals, great concept and great music. Another BIG kudos to aMUSiC for the super soundtrack. So if you haven't already, make sure you see the demo now. You can also download the demo from the same Intel page. Enjoy! =)

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